Users, Roles & Permissions


Users are Staff members linked to an admin Role which grants them access to your system’s dashboard section.

You can make any staff be a User by going into their Staff profile, click the Admin User Rights tab and then ticking the “Enable” checkbox.

Once active, a dropdown field will display where you can select the relevant User Role option for the staff.  

To see the list of staff set as system Users, go to Global Settings > Users and Roles > Users. 


Roles allow you to create and manage the different levels of access a Staff should have once they log in to the system’s dashboard. You can manage the different access and restrictions for each role by going to the Permissions page.

The system comes with two default Roles: Administrator and Location Manager. However, you can create as many roles as you need.

Note: Users that are linked to the Location Manager role will only see the locations assigned to them. 

To manage and create roles, go to Global Settings > Users and Roles > Roles. 


The permissions page allows you to manage the level of access each Role has to the different sections within the system. For example, you can set a specific Role to have “view-only” access to all Rosters, which means they would not be able to add, delete or edit shifts.

To set Permissions for each Role, go to Global Settings > Users and Roles > Permissions. 

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