Staff Profiles

Staff are individuals set up in the system to assign them shifts and become part of your rosters. You might choose to also link some Staff with a User Role which grants them access to the system’s dashboard. To manage the level of access a Staff might have, please visit the Users, Roles and Permissions page.

All Staff, whether they might have been granted Admin access (via Roles) will still be available to be assigned a shift and be rostered.

General Information

This is the main section inside the Staff profile. Here you can set the basic information about the person, including:

  • Profile photo
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Languages
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact details

Other fields you will find on this page are:

Disable Email: For staff to access their roster via either the Staff web portal or mobile app, the staff needs to be associated with an email address. However, in some circumstances, you might need to set up staff members without email addresses (eg. sub-contractors). You can do so by checking the Disable Email checkbox.

Company: Link the Staff to a specific company or Contractor. Staff cannot belong to multiple companies.

Staff Manager: Assign the User responsible for getting all system communications related to this Staff. Examples of system communications are:

  • Shift Declined
  • Fail to sign on to shift
  • Fail to sign off from a shift
  • Incident report submissions

Employment Type: Choose to make staff either Permanent or Casual. This will affect Payroll at the moment of calculating rates.

Payment Details

In this tab, you can record the staff’s financial details including:

  • Bank account details
  • Superannuation details


If a Staff member can only work on certain days, you can set this in the Availability tab. This will prevent the staff from getting assigned to shifts that fall on days that they are not available. 

Licenses & Qualifications

In this section, you can add staff licenses and other relevant qualifications.

Click the “Add New” button on the top right corner. A new page will open where you can add the license or qualification information, including:

Type: Choose between Licenses and Qualifications set up in the master list.

If the option selected requires an expiry date, then the Expiry Date field will also be displayed  

Number: add license/qualification number if relevant

Digital Copy: Upload a soft copy of the relevant license or qualification.

After saving the information, you’ll be redirected to the staff profile.

Service Levels

Select whether Staff can be assigned to any Service Level or only those manually select in the box.

By default, the All Service Levels option is selected. 

To manually select the Service Levels for the staff, uncheck the “All By Default” checkbox.

Then select the option in the left column and move them to the right column using the arrows in between.

Finally, click the Save Changes button

Clients & Locations

Select whether Staff can be assigned to any location or only those manually select in the box.

By default, the All Locations option is selected.

To manually select the Clients and Locations available for the staff, uncheck the “All By Default” checkbox.

Then select the Location options in the left column and move them to the right column using the arrows in between.

Finally, click the Save Changes button

Block Locations

Under the Clients & Locations tab, you can block staff from getting rostered at certain locations.

To block staff from a location, go to the Staff profile page, Clients and Locations and then scroll down to find the Block Locations section

Click the Add Location button and a popup form will come up,

  • Select the location from which the staff should be blocked,
  • Add the reason for future reference
  • Date from which the block should take place.

To view all blocked staff, simply go to the Staff section in the navigation menu and then select Block. This will open a new page with a list of all staff blocked from different locations.

Finally, if you would like to allow staff to get rostered for a blocked location, simply click the delete icon and confirm this action.

Payroll Rates

Use the Payroll Rates tab to override the pay rates set under Service Levels.

On the X axis of the payroll rates table, you will find the Shift Schedules as set up in the Default Shift section. You will also see the Public Holidays and Overtime option there.

The Y axis in the table is the list of Service Levels available to the staff.

To override any of the rates, simply click on the rate value. A popup window detailing the selected Shift Schedule rates will be available.

Click the edit pencil icon, enter the new value and Save your changes. 

When assigning different values to different days within a Service Level, a generic “Multiple Rates” message will replace the single value previously shown.


The Notes tab is a useful section to help you keep track of activities and events related to staff.

You can manually add Notes by clicking Add Note button at the top right corner of the page.

A popup window will show inside the Note form. The fields include:

Date: select the date for when the event took place.

Entry Type (required): Select between Complain, Compliment, General and Warning.

Location: Choose the location relevant to the event.

Comment (required): Describe the event in detail for future reference.

Media: Choose to attach a document, or image of the video to the note as supporting evidence. 

The system automatically adds some staff-related activities, including Shift Decline and Block from Location. 

Admin User Rights

Click on Admin User Rights to grant Admin Portal access to any staff.

After enabling the Roster Accessibility, you will be prompted with a dropdown to choose the relevant User Role.

You can change the User role or remove access to the admin portal at any time.

Lastly, click the Save changes button

Unavailability/Leave Times

When Staff requests leave time, you can record their unavailability period in the system to prevent them from getting rostered while away.

To do so, go to Staff in the navigation menu and click on Unavailable. Here you will find all the staff with future scheduled unavailability times.

To enter an Unavailable or Leave time for staff, click the “Add Staff Unavailability” button at the top right corner. 

A popup window with a form will come up. Enter the required information, including:

  • Staff
  • From Date
  • To Date

Lastly, click the Submit button to save your entry.

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