Add, Make Inactive or Delete a Staff

Adding New Staff

To add a new staff you can do so from either, the button at the top right corner of the All Staff page, or the Add New option under the Staff navigation section.

Making Staff Inactive

Staff can be set to be either: Active or Inactive. By default, all staff are set to Active when they are initially created in the system. 

Staff with Active status will appear in the Staff list and they will be available to be rostered at different locations.

However, if the staff has stopped working for your organisation (either directly or via a Contractor), you can choose to make them Inactive. Changing staff status to Inactive will prevent them from getting rostered for future shifts. 

To change a Staff status from Active to Inactive, you can do this from either the staff list or inside the staff profile.

You’ll then be prompted with a popup notification to confirm this action. 

Deleting Staff

You can delete a staff by clicking the Delete icon on the Staff listing page. 

However, it is strongly recommended that deleting a staff is the very last resort, as this action will also result in the deletion of staff-related information including past shifts. All future shifts assigned to the staff will become Open Shifts.

You’ll then be prompted with a popup notification to confirm this action.

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