Service Levels & Activities

Service Levels

The Service Levels section lists the many services or levels of engagement you offer to clients.

There are three key elements for each Service Level. These are:

  • the payroll rates paid to staff to perform the service
  • the invoiced rates charged to clients for providing the service
  • the licensing and qualifications required by staff to perform the service 

Service Levels are the “glue” between Staff, Locations and rates. As such it is important that you take the time to set up each service level with the correct information.

General Information

In this section can add the basic information for each Service Level, including:

Name: the name for the service level

Short Code: a unique ID value that can be used to perform bulk uploading of shifts into rosters.

Group: the group of service levels that it should be linked to. “General” is the default value for this field.


In this tab, you can link any of the Activities listed in the system to a specific Service Level.

The Activity information can be selected when creating a new shift and it will be sent to the respective staff for their reference

Licenses & Qualifications

All the selected licences for an individual Service Level must be met in full by Staff for them to show as available in the shift form.

In the example below, a Staff must hold both, the Security Licence AND the Guard Dog Permit to get assigned a shift with the Service Level as Guard With a Dog.

On the other hand, Qualifications are not requirements and staff can be assigned to perform Service Levels even though they might not meet all listed qualifications. 


Service Levels are associated with both Payroll and Invoiced rates. The Rates section is divided into two parts: Standard and Overtime rates.

The Standard Rates allow you to set the rates you pay Staff (Permanent and Casual) and the pricing you wish to charge clients. 

The table lists the Shift Schedules as set in the Global Settings section as well as Public Holidays.

When you initially create a Service Level, the table will display the values set in the Global Settings > “Default Rates (fallback)” section. However, you can set your rates by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side.

If you are updating the rates for a Shift Schedule that covers multiple days, you can set the rates for individual days. For example, you might choose to charge extra for a Service if the shift is on Fridays. 

The Overtime section allows you to set the required rates for the different overtime rules set under Global Settings > Overtime Rules.

Each overtime rule will be displayed on the Y-axis of the table. On the X-axis, the table is broken into the same three columns as per the Standard rates table. Each column allows you to set a value for the initial “First 2hrs” and “After 2hrs” of overtime.  


Activities are the duties or tasks a Staff performs when working on a shift. Activities are optional and you can only assign one activity per shift.

To create an Activity, go to the Service Levels section in the navigation menu, then click All Activities. Finally, click the “Add New Activity” button on the top right corner of the page.

General Information

Inside the Activity Details page you will find the fields:

Name: the name for the duty to be performed

Short Code: a unique ID that will be used when doing a bulk upload of shifts into a roster.

Service Levels: select the Service Levels you would like to link this Activity to.

Once you have linked Activities to Service Levels, these will be displayed in a dropdown field when creating a new shift. 

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