Licences & Qualifications

The Licences and Qualifications section allows you to create licences and other training requirements that can be used to identify the best suitable Staff for a specific shift.

The fundamental difference between Licences and Qualifications in the system is a Licence is a requirement whereas a Qualification is not. What this means is the Staff can only perform a Service Level if they hold all the licences specified for that particular Service Level. 

Adding a License/Qualification

To add a licence/qualification, click on the Licensing option in the navigation menu, then click the “Add New” button on the top right corner of the page.

General Information

In the General Information tab, you will have the option to add the following details:

Type: choose between creating a Licence or Qualification

Name: Name of the licence/qualification

Short Code: enter a unique ID value

Has Expiry: Choose whether the licence/qualification should have an expiry date field or not.

Service Levels

In this tab, you can select the Service Levels you would like this new Licence/Qualification to be linked to.

Select the options on the left box using the checkboxes, then move them to the right box using the arrow in between boxes. Finally, click Save Changes. 


In this last tab, you will find all the staff members set up in your system who hold this licence or qualification in particular.

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