Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial period so you can get your account setup and test all premium features. Once this period ends, some of these features might no longer be available to you unless the account is upgraded to our Advanced plan.

How does pricing work?

We believe that you should only pay for the features you need. That’s why we offer a range of subscription plans, each with a different level of functionalities for you to choose from.

We’ll calculate the cost of your subscription based on the chosen plan and the number of unique staff that have been rostered in a given week.

Do I need to commit to a long term contracts?

No. All our subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. This means you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

How and when will I be billed?

Invoices: Invoices are generated weekly. Every Monday we’ll send you an invoice which reflects the activity of the previous week.

Payments: On the 1st day of every month we’ll use your preferred payment method to request the payment for the unpaid invoices in your account. Most times this will be four weekly invoices which got generated during the previous month.

In what currency is your pricing?

We are an Australian company and our prices are in Australian Dollars

Can I change plans?

Yes. You might choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime.

If you wish to upgrade your plan, please contact

What happens if I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time by simply emailing us to

Your data will be stored for 12 months in case you wish to use our services again, or we can delete all of your records upon your request.

What payment methods do you offer?

We can choose to pay using either credit card or direct debit as payment methods.

Will you help me set up my account?

We are happy to assist you get setup quickly by offering you our suggestions and answering any questions you might have.

For large accounts, we offer a paid service which includes bulk upload of your data which can help you save lots of time in the initial setup process.

Okay I'm in! How do I get started?

To get started simply contact us via email to to schedule a demo and setup your account. 

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