The equipment section allows you to create different pieces of equipment and assign a dollar value to each.

You can add one or multiple pieces of equipment to a shift. This information is then shared with the designated to ensure they are aware of the tools required to perform their work.

Adding Equipment to the list

To add a new piece of equipment, click the Equipment option in the side navigation menu, then click the “Add New” button on the top right corner of the page. 

A popup window will appear where you can add the equipment information, including:

Name: The name of the equipment

Short Code: A unique ID value that can be used when bulk uploading shift into a roster.

Cost: The dollar value that will display in the invoice when adding the equipment to a shift. This cost will be charged once per shift regardless of its duration.

Adding Equipment to a shift

Use the Equipment field in the shift form to open a dropdown list of available equipment. You can add one or multiple items.

Deleting Equipment

To delete items from the equipment list, simply use the Delete icon on the right-hand side.

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