The Payroll section lists all staff for the previous week that have been assigned shifts and had them approved in the corresponding timesheets.

To go to the payroll section, simply click the Payroll option in the side navigation menu.

Payroll page

Navigation Menu

At the top left corner of the page, you will find a dropdown field. By default, it will have the “All Staff” option selected. However, you can choose to filter the payroll details for a specific company or Contractor. 

Filter payroll by contractor company

Overview & Export

On the top right-hand side, you have the option to download payroll information in pdf or CSV formats. The details exported will reflect what is being viewed on the screen.

Below this button, you will find the payroll overview. These figures will get updated when you choose to view the payroll details for a single company. Fields include:

  • Total shifts
  • Staff rostered
  • Total rostered hours
  • Total payroll 
Export options and payroll overview

Payroll Line Details

As with most payroll sheets, this is structured in a table format. The rows are divided into Staff and shifts while the columns display shift-related information. 


The payroll is broken up into sections for each Staff. Under each section, it lists the shifts worked by that Staff. As such, one or many rows might be (visually) grouped as a single shift to make it easy to understand and allocate the payroll values that have been assigned to each shift.

Within each Staff section, the rows are sorted based on the shift start date, with the earliest shift in the week listed at the top and later ones below it.

In the example highlighted in orange, the shift starts and ends on two different Shift Schedules (Night Shift and Saturday Shift) – each with its payroll rates. Therefore, the shift has been broken into two rows.

Similarly, in the example highlighted in red, the shift starts on a Public Holiday which takes priority over any other rate assigned to a Shift Schedule.

After midnight, the Public Holiday ends and the “Night Shift” Schedule rates are reinstated. The shift continues beyond the night shift and ends during the “Day Shift” Schedule. Therefore, the shift has been divided into three rows to reflect the relevant rates for each period of the shift.

Payroll rows and shifts


The columns in the payroll table display shift-relevant information, including:

  • Date 
  • Location
  • Service Level
  • Shift Name/Schedule
  • Start and End times
  • Breaks
  • Actual hours (excludes break time)
  • Rates
  • Total
Payroll columns and rates details

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