The invoices section is where you will find a list of the invoices issued for the given week. To access your invoices, simply click the Invoices option in the navigation menu.

Issuing Invoices

Invoices are created within Timesheets. To issue an invoice all shifts in the timesheet must be approved. Once all shifts are set to Approved, the Issue Invoice button located at the top right corner will be enabled and you will be able to generate the invoice. 

Issue Invoice button on Timesheets page

After clicking the “Issue Invoice” button, you will be redirected to the Invoice details page.

Navigation Menu

At the top left corner of the page, you will find a dropdown field displaying the Location name for the invoice. From this field, you can quickly go to any other invoices that have been issued for the week.

Below the name, there are the same shortcuts to quickly jump to other areas related to this location/client.

Top navigation section in the invoice details page

Overview & Export

On the top right-hand side, you have the option to download a pdf copy of the invoice as well as email it to your client directly from the system.

Below this button you will find the invoice overview which includes the:

  • Total shifts
  • Staff rostered
  • Total rostered hours
  • Total
Invoice overview figures

Invoice Line Details

As with most invoices, this is structured in a table format. The rows are divided into shifts while the columns display shift-related information. 


The invoice lists information to reflect shifts. As such, one or many rows might be (visually) grouped to make it easy to understand the details and invoiced values that have been assigned to each shift.

Rows are sorted based on the shift start date, with the earliest shift in the week listed at the top and the later ones below it. 

In the example highlighted in orange, the shift starts and ends on two different Shift Schedules (Day Shift and Night Shift) – each with its own invoicing rates. Therefore, the shift has been broken into two rows.

Similarly, in the example highlighted in red, the shift starts on a Public Holiday which takes priority over any other rate assigned to a Shift Schedule.

After midnight, the Public Holiday ends and the “Night Shift” Schedule rates are reinstated. The shift continues beyond the night shift and ends during the “Day Shift” Schedule. Therefore, the shift has been divided into three rows to reflect the relevant rates for each period of the shift.

Invoice rows and shifts


The columns in the invoice table display shift-relevant information, including:

  • Date 
  • Day
  • Staff name
  • Service Level
  • Shift Name/Schedule
  • Start and End times
  • Breaks
  • Actual hours (excludes break time)
  • Rates
  • Total
Invoice columns and shift details

Invoice Summary

The invoice summary sums up the total costs for all shifts listed above, as well as, any extra costs added to the timesheet.

Further, if a discount has been set for the client, it will show in the summary. Discounts can be set up under the  Location’s detail page > Invoiced Rates tab, and they can be a fixed value or a percentage.

Lastly, the invoice will list the Subtotal, Tax and Grand Total lines. The tax value and name can be set up under the Accounts page > Invoicing tab.

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