Contractors are 3rd party companies that you might engage to help you fill in shifts using their workforce.

After creating a new Contractor, you can add their staff and link them to their employer. Setting up this relationship between staff and contractors correctly will ensure accurate payroll and invoicing. 

Adding a New Contractor

You can set up a contractor by clicking on the Contractors option on the side navigation menu, and then clicking the Add New button on the top right corner.

General Information

In this first tab you will find the basic required information to set up a new Contractor. The fields include:

Name: Name of the contracting company

Primary Contact: This includes the following fields

  • Name
  • Role
  • Email
  • Phone

Address: Full address of the Contractor’s head office.


In this section you can add the Contractor’s billing information for future reference.

You can also add a new contact for billing purposes or use the Primary Contact’s details


Under the Staff tab you will find all the Staff linked with the particular Contractor.

Deleting a Contractor

If you wish to delete a Contractor, you must first remove any Staff that might be linked to it. 

You might choose to either link contractor’s staff to a different Company, make them inactive, or delete them.

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